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Rebate Options

Rebate Options Are The Favorite Binaries for Both – Advanced Traders and Beginner!

What is your favorite binary option? Or you just don’t have such, because you are cool and good enough to make money from any of the binary types you come across at? It doesn’t actually matter, because they are types of binary options that everybody likes. And if you think that these are the so popular 60-seconds binaries, you are wrong. No touch binaries aren’t the top favorites, either, because some people cannot discern them from the touch binaries! What we are talking about are the rebate options. They are, indeed, quite curious and interesting for many traders regardless their level of advance – beginners or even super pros. So find out more about the binary rebate options, too now!

Rebate Options Are Actually The Barrier Type Of Trading

You must have heard barrier trading with binaries. Well, this is actually the rebate binary type that we are now talking about. Both are the same, so whatever you see in the broker you love and make trades in, they refer to one single thing only. The rebate options give the trader the possibility to make money in case the barrier remained not touched, or touched. This means that rebate options are actually two types of binaries – just like touch and no touch binaries. So in case the barrier is not touched, we say that we have for knock-in options, and on the other side, the touched barrier refers to the knock-out option. The payoff of your final outcome is actually a special value (or a rebate, where the name comes from) if a barrier is (or is not) breached, or the payoff of a vanilla option otherwise. In other words, if you choose the touched rebate, you will have a partial refund, because here the option expires in case the price of the chosen underlying asset gets to a specific amount of value – regardless when exactly during the expiry time. This means that you will get some money, if the price reaches the specific value even before the fixed expiry date – usually the next day after you make the trade.

Where Can You Trade with Rebate Options?

They are as popular as the standard binary options and you can find them in many brokers. Of course, if you are searching them in scams, where things like bonuses, but not the facilities are more important, rebate options might not be included in the list of binary options. Rebate options can be introduced by many different trading platforms. However, European brokers seem to love them more than the Asian ones. In many cases, America- or Asia-based trading platform prefer to include only the common binaries like touch and no touch, put and call options, and etc and etc. Such exotic binary – and rebate option is an exotic rebate option – is not a thing they like. However, do not worry, if you prefer Asian or American brokers more than European. There are several trading websites operating in these regions with barrier binary options, too!

Don’t Mix The Rebate Options With Rebate Bonuses!

It is very often for some beginners among the today`s traders to mix the rebate options with rebate bonuses. Please, don’t do this, either. The difference is obvious, because the first thing is a way for trading or even an underlying asset determination method, while the second thing is a special promotion that brokers offer to its community. Rebate binaries are the same in each trading platform. You cannot change the rules of trading with barriers. Though, on the other side, the brokerage promotion with rebates can be determined as the company likes. Rebate binary options bonus is a compliment by the trading platform you are registered in, while rebate options are introduced by financial market.

Why To Choose Trading with Rebate Options

As the tradition goes, we always end up our guide with some recommendations whether and why to choose the type of trading way or feature we have just described. As to the rebates, there aren’t so many different pros. People just like them, because they are different and at the same time, they have maximum chance to offer you a good final outcome. So disappointing with rebate options is never that easy at all. Still, here are the pros behind binary rebates:

  • Intuitive binaries that get the slight need of checking out of the financial market, because in many cases you can win money even without being so into the latest news from the field.
  • Really great chance to eventually win something or at least to lose less – due to the refund part in rebates.
  • A new way to discover the trading activity with binaries that will enrich your culture!

And now it is your time to see the rebate options with your own eyes. Find a broker, make some rebates and see if you like them!

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