Options Types

Options Types

Discover the Large Variety of Binary Options Types!

Binary options form a special and individually determined segment from trading activity in general. All of them are intriguing with their specifications and interesting ways for earning additional moneys. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily and quickly start your trading experience with binary options, because they are simple to be learnt and understood. So do not hesitate to discover the large variety of binary option types that are available on the market and among the most trustworthy binary trading brokers. Learning the details about each of them is essential part of your overall financial trading education – whether it is professional, or started as a hobby!


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What Is Binary Option?

To become aware of the different binary option types, it is preferable to get to know the binary options trading in general at first. So, let`s say few words about binary options and what exactly they are. There are numerous legal and unofficial definitions behind the term of “binary option”. However, the best way to understand this financial instrument is the following: a binary option is a way of trading on the market and it is estimated by the underlying asset performance in a particular period of time. In other words, when you trade with binary option, you usually have two options – if an event or prediction will happen and how close you are to this prediction.
Binary options trading allows the traders to make one single trade by choosing between only two investment possibilities. In most cases you prediction is whether the price will rise, or drop. And the most important thing in binary option activity is to choose the right asset. This is the first thing you need to do before making your trade. With binary trading, you can choose all the available assets that are generally applied in Forex trading – such as foreign currency pairs, commodities, stocks, indices and etc. Last, but not least, binary options have expiry time, which is either strictly or formally fixed time, when you have to see if your prediction has become a reality.

What Are the Different Types of Binary Trading Options?

We have finally reached the main part of our review for different binary options in financial trading. Here is the list of all the common and not so traditional binary options you can find on the market and use to make some additional outcome for your budget.

Digital Option

A digital option can be also found by the name up/down option, as well as call/put option. In all these cases we talk about one single term. In trading with digital binary options your mission is to consider whether the price of the selected asset will drop/rise. What you have to predict is whether the binary option will appear at higher or lower rate after the expiry time.

One Touch Binary Option

One touch binary options lets you to consider if the underlying asset will reach a particular level of value that you have predicted in advance. In case the market price gets this boundary level before the expiry time, a trader can earn up to 100% profit on one touch binary option trade. Read more about one touch binary options.

No Touch Binary Option

When you trade with no touch binary option, you will be paid once the level is not reached. These binaries are mostly chosen by the high punters, if you get used to its rules and basics, even if you are a beginner, you can trade with them, as well. Read more about No touch binary options.

60 Seconds Binary Option

The 60 seconds binary option is one of the most popular binary trading choices among the audience. The good thing about this binary is the fact that if the price of an asset goes on a particular direction, you can easily conduct your prediction according to this direction. The interesting thing about the 60 seconds binary option is that the rewards are quite quick, while the payment is performed almost instantly in most brokers. 60 seconds binary options are types of short-term binary options, which can be also 2-minute, 15-minute, 1-hour and etc binary option type. The common thing between all of them is the fact the expiry time is always fixed and you know when the result will come. Read more about 60 seconds binary options.

Boundary Binary Option

The boundary binary option is also known as tunnel or range binary option and it is very similar to the mentioned above touch binary. The two levels are determined and what you have to do is to reach a level, where the asset is somewhere in this boundary in order to be paid. Read more about Boundary binary options
binary options types

Other Binary Options

With the fast growing of the financial trading services field and trading in general, the binary option types have been increasing as a number and there are many other types you can meet on your way to advance in trading. Moreover – some traders invent their own binary options to get even better trading strategy with binaries. Here are some other types of binary options variations:

How to Discover the Best Brokers for Binary Options?

Now when you know the different types of binary options you must be asking yourself where to find the best ones. The question does not have one single obvious answer since various traders have various interests and needs. Moreover, most of the brokers that offer binary trading offer almost all kinds of the common binary options. This means that the important task for you is not to find the best and most profitable binary options to trade with, but to discover a broker that provide most of them and have good and reliable environment, where you can trade safely and confidently. Such a broker must have proper software – preferably a web-based and a mobile version as an alternative – as well as strong reputation, good regulation and perfect customer support services. Additional extras like education centers, attractive binary options bonuses and availability of several account types – including personal account manager opportunity – could get you an extra pleasure and comfort, while you are trading. However, if you are already in a search for such a broker, see the following tips to come upon on a website that really worth it for your future binary options trading activity.

  • Get recommendations – Begin your detailed search of a nice broker with all the best binary options with some recommendations. The most excellent sources for such recommendations could be friends or familiar people of yours that have more experience in trading than you. These people are aware of what a beginner needs and even more aware of the good places for trading with binary options.
  • Use your browser smartly – It is fantastic to have that large web of answers for all of your questions – including about the best brokers with binary options. So, do not hesitate to use your favorite browser and its search engine to get the list of the platforms you would like to visit and check if they suit your needs. Simply, insert keywords like “best binary options broker” or “broker for binary options trading” and consider the results you will be shown. Be aware, because some of these brokers might have amazing advertising campaign that put them on the highest ranks in search engines, but they cannot be called trustworthy at all.
  • Read reviews – Reading full and detailed binary options broker reviews is probably the best opportunity for you. Besides, giving you detailed information – shortly presented to save you time and energy – you will also get familiar with the conditions for trading on a particular website. Note that these reviews are extremely helpful and recommended for beginners, who usually have the weak point to entrust in a broker too fast before even making a research about it. Well, a short review of a broker is an ideal resource for such a research.

As a conclusion, we need to tell you that no matter how various binary options can be, they usually follow the same philosophy and are generally composed by the same rules and terms. It could be well for you to meet all the different types of binary options and eventually to estimate which are the most beneficial and profitable for you. Usually, a trader with little experience in trading with binary options is completely capable to value the opportunities that come from each of them. So begin your journey of discovering all the binary options right away and it will take only few months for you to become a total expert in such a trading activity. Finally, you will get your answers and you will manage to arrange your binary options trading strategy in a best way!