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  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Consistent High Returns
  • Customizable Settings
  • Free Software
  • Selection of 8 different brokers


  • Limited Function on Demo Account
  • No Verified Performance Data provided

BinaryRobot365, a binary options trading robot that actually works!

In terms of ratings, BinaryRobot365 scored zero as there is no provision for bonuses included with this software. As for the software itself, it scored a high 85/100 as it delivers what it promises. We rated customer support at 70/100 as this is the only trading robot service that offers 24/7 customer support. With regards to the software features, this software scored a high 90/100 for its customizability.



Trading the financial markets has never been easier with binary options. Nevertheless, there are still many people who are new to the concept of online trading who might find binary options complicated and intimidating. To help these new traders alleviate their fears, some software developers have came up with the idea of automated trading software that will execute trades based on specific parameters. With the use of software algorithms, these trading robots will decide if the market conditions are right for executing a trade.

Over the last 2 years, we have seen a proliferation of automated binary trading robots that promises to deliver positive results for their users. Unfortunately more often than not, most of this software falls short of their promised results, that is until BinaryRobot365 was introduced.


Company information

Launched in late 2016, the BinaryRobot365 software is unlike many of the trading systems that have been touted online. While many of the scam trading software systems that we find online, often promise their users very high returns, the returns which BinaryRobot365 users will get depends on how they set up the software. The software has been designed to allow its users to customize the trading strategies that will be implemented. In other words, no two users will get the exact trading results with BinaryRobot365. It is because of the flexibility of this software that many binary options traders are now gravitating towards adopting this software as part of their overall trading strategies.


Trading Software

So what is BinaryRobot365? In the context of financial trading, BinaryRobot365 is termed as an automated trading system. It is software that uses algorithms to assist binary options traders in automating their trading process. While the process of making a trade is straight forward and simple and based on objective analysis, the fear of losses can often result in a trader’s trading decision being clouded by his emotions. With the introduction of automated trading software into the arena of financial trading, it is hoped that these automated trading software will totally eliminate emotions from the trading decision making process. Hence instead of a trade being made based on sentimental reasons, trading decisions are purely based of whether the ideal market conditions are being met.

With BinaryRobot365, trading decisions are made based on the trading strategies adopted by the user. The software uses several popular technical indicators such as the “Trend Indicator, Williams Indicator, MACD Indicator, RSI Indicator, CCI Indicator and Stoch indicator to determine if the conditions in the market are favourable. By tweaking the various features that are available on the BinaryRobot365 software, a trader can customize his trading experience to produce the best trading results. In addition, users of the BinaryRobot365 can also decide the type of asset to be traded and the amount to invest. Should the trader feel that he wants to trade manually, he can also do so, as the software gives him the option to turn off the automated trading mode.


Mobile Trading

While BinaryRobot365 is designed primarily for use on desktop terminals, it is also compatible to be used on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. As the software requires its users to be tied to its list of recommended binary options brokers, BinaryRobot365 does not provide any dedicated mobile trading app for its software. Instead, traders can just log in with their mobile devices to their trading account with the recommended brokers in order to access the trading software.


Trading Features & Fees

When we compare BinaryRobot365 with the bulk of the automated trading software that is available on the internet, this product far surpasses any of them in terms of trading features. For starters, the BinaryRobot365 gives its users the flexibility to decide which indicators the software will use to base its trading parameters on. As mentioned earlier, there are 6 different technical indicators to choose from. You can either choose one or more of the indicators to be used. The more indicators that are used, the more accurate the market analysis results will be. The trade-off from using more technical indicators is the fact that you will end up with lesser trading opportunities.

Apart from being able to determine which technical indicators to use for identifying suitable trading opportunities, the software also gives you a choice of 3 different trading strategies namely “Classic”, “Fibonacci” and “Martingale”. Of course depending on the trading conditions, each of these trading strategies will produce different trading results. This is the main reason why no 2 users of BinaryRobot365 will be able to obtain the same trading results unless their settings and the trades executed are 100% identical.

As add-on trading software to existing binary options trading platforms, BinaryRobot365 does not charge its users any subscription fee. Instead, the software is available free of charge for traders who sign up under BinaryRobot365’s list of recommended brokers.


Available Brokers

At present, BinaryRobot365 is supported by 8 different binary options brokers:


  • 24Option

Established in 2009

Payouts: Up to 87%

Regulated by CySEC

Minimum Deposit Requirement: $250


  • BinaryTilt

Established in 2014

Payouts: Up to 86%

Regulated by CySEC

Minimum Deposit Requirement: $250


  • EmpireOption

Established in 2010

Payouts: Up to 82%

Non Regulated

Minimum Deposit Requirement: $20



Established in 2013

Payouts: Up to 85%

Regulated by Belize IFSC

Minimum Deposit Requirement: $250


  • PlusOption

Established in 2014

Payouts: Up to 87%

Non Regulated

Minimum Deposit Requirement: $250


  • Stockpair

Established in 2010

Payouts: Up to 86%

Regulated by Belize IFSC, CySEC, FCA

Minimum Deposit Requirement: $250


  • Toroption

Established in 2016

Payouts: Up to 88%

Non Regulated

Minimum Deposit Requirement: $350


  • Tradorax

Established in 2014

Payouts: Up to 85%

Non Regulated

Minimum Deposit Requirement: $250

Bonuses & VIP programs

As for bonuses and VIP programs, BinaryRobot365 does not offer any kind of incentives. Instead, all the incentives are provided by the brokers that are included in the list of recommended brokers. Due to changes in the regulatory requirement imposed by CySEC, currently all Cyprus Investment Firms are banned from offering deposit bonuses to their clients. Only brokers that are not under the jurisdiction of CySEC are able to offer bonuses to their clients.


Deposits and withdrawals

Being automated trading software, BinaryRobot365 does not handle any funding or withdrawal matters. Funding of trading accounts and withdrawals are instead handled by the respective brokers whom the trader has signed up with. The bulk of the brokers that are listed above accept deposits and withdrawals through credit cards, eWallets and bank wire transfer.


Customer support

Unlike most automated trading software service provider, the developer of BinaryRobot365 make an effort to support their users. Users of this software can reach out to the support team at BinaryRobot365 through email or live chat 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Extra features and resources

From our observation, we noted that BinaryRobot365 does not offer any additional resources to their users in terms of trading education or strategies.



Overall, BinaryRobot365 has turned out to be what it claims to be. The developer of this software does not claim to make millionaires out of its software users. Instead, it promises that the software will be able to help its users develop a steady income stream.

As for the actual performance of the software, we noted a consistent return of around the 80% mark – which is quite high. But what is truly attractive about BinaryRobot365 is the fact that its users have the option to customize the settings of the automated trading process. So far no other automated trading software in the binary options trading industry has been able to come up with such an option.



Does BinaryRobot365 charge its users a fee for using the software?

No, BinaryRobot365 does not charge its users any fee for using the trading software. The software is provided free of charge through its list of recommended brokers.

How to I gain access to this software?

In order to gain access to the BinaryRobot365 trading software, you have to open a live trading account with one of the broker that is included in our panel of selected brokers.

Can I use the BinaryRobot365 with brokers that are not included in the list of recommended brokers?

No, You can only sign up with brokers that are included, as you can see above, that are compatible with the BinaryRobot365 trading software.

Is BinaryRobot365 legitimate?

Yes, BinaryRobot365 is a legitimate automated trading robot. The software is part of the added services provided by brokers that are regulated by several international financial regulatory agencies.